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COVERT OPERATIONS BY TASK FORCE 102, authored by Rene Natan and Gerard Triesman is out!

Covert Operations by Task Force 102

The recently launched novel by authors Rene Natan and Gerard Triesman, will have you on the edge of your seat. The action packed race against the clock by the agents of the Task Force to prevent ruthless criminals from executing their demonic plan, is no less than riveting. The villains’ aim is to endanger the lives of many innocent people by unleashing genetically altered insects. Developed in clandestine laboratories, these hybrids are a combination of Zika and Malaria mosquitoes. Will the Task Force be successful in keeping a deadly disease from being spread? Will literally thousands of citizens be saved by the agents’ daring escapades? Their undercover manoeuvres take them to hell and back across the North American Continent. A force to be reckoned with, by both the criminal organisation and Task Force 102, is Lisa Morrison, a bright engineering student. This attractive young woman, recipient of a prestigious scholarship, has been drawn involuntarily into their high-risk world. While Lisa gets herself into big trouble by doing some sleuthing of her own, she proves to be a valuable asset to Task Force 102.

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LEMONCELLA COCKTAIL got an honorable mention in the 2016 Global Ebook Awards

Silver Medal

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"A young man trying to avoid trouble saves a teenager from drowning and is drawn out of his comfort zone and into the fight against arms dealers." See http://https://www.amazon.com/Lemoncella-Cocktail-Rene-Natan/dp/1480832359 or

See review from Midwest Book Review http://donovansliteraryservices.com/october-2016-issue.html


Silver Medal

“The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton” has won the silver in the contemporary romance category of the 2015 Global Ebook Awards See http://globalebookawards.com/2015-global-ebook-award-winners/



“The Woman in Black" has won second place in the romance category of the 2015 Royal Dragonfly Book Award See http://www.fivestarpublications.com/bookcontest/book-award-winners.html

Rene Natan

Rene Natan, aka Irene Gargantini was born in Milan, Italy. She first followed a career in information technology, and taught that discipline at the University of Western Ontario. She has about a hundred scientific papers to her credit and has received four awards in science; two from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (25 Years of Excellence in Research and Recognition to Contributing to Canadian Research) and two from the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies: Contributing to Canadian Research and Pioneer of Computing in Canada.The desire of being a storyteller, however, never left her since plots kept taking shape in her mind. After she left the university, she took several e-courses on fiction writing and then jumped into the field with the enthusiasm of a novice. She has authored nine novels, seven short stories and co-authored a novella. Her genre varies from romantic suspense to thriller with romantic interludes. Here are a few snapshots of her tales.
      Novels — The Collage, a 2004-best seller of Creative Guy Publishing, is a story of a young heiress caught in a web of lies and violence; The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton describes the inner turmoil of a man of the law in love with a fugitive accused of a horrendous crime. Mountains of Dawn brings to life the distress of an orphan with no roots and no place to go. The protagonist of The Jungfrau Watch (a political thriller) has the tormented soul of a man whose political belief has been destroyed, and whose motherland, Russia, has been precipitated into chaos while his life floats in an absolute vacuum. The Red Manor is about family bonds that stretch over two continents and where love overcomes both greed and cleverly engineered criminal plots. The Blackpox Threat was a finalist in the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards, and won First Place in the 2012 Five Stars Royal Dragonfly Book Contest, Fiction Novel category. Her country threatened by a deadly epidemic, Tamara Smith moves from her comfort zone to a world filled with deception, treachery and life-threatening danger. In The Bricklayer Frederick Dalton mourns the death of family members while the police strongly suspect him of wrongdoing. Fleeting Visions is the story of teenager Louis Saura who becomes prey to a prostitution ring.
       Short Stories — In "Killing on Mount Yula" a hearing-impaired teenager struggles as he tries to escape his pursuers on skis. In "A Pair of Wings for Christmas," (a celebration of the centennial of the first powered flight) science is embedded in a framework of fantasy. In "The Black Notebook," ghost detective Denys Bellami solves a complicated case with the help of a 13-year-old girl. In the true story, "He Was One of Eight," eight young orphans leave their native Holland to settle in Canada.
      Rene Natan makes her home in Strathroy, Ontario.
      Contact her at renenatan@aol.com  
      INTERVIEW: https://www.smashwords.com/interview/NatanRene  
      From the Press: http://newsblaze.com/story/20110320075530zzzz.nb/topstory.html
      From the Frankie Boyer BLOG: http://frankieboyer.typepad.com/blog/2011/07/ frankie-boyers-guest-line-up-for-wednesday-7611.html
      From KEMW-FM radio station Dr. Jim Lee presents Rene Natan: Interview


Honorable Mention, 2014 San Francisco Book Festival, for Fleeting Visions
First place, 2012 Five Star Dragonfly Award for the Blackpox Threat
Finalist in the 2011 National Indie Excellence Award for the Blackpox Threat
Honorary Mention, 2012 San Francisco Book Competition for the Bricklayer

Fleeting Visions

Fleeting Visions Orphaned at the age of two and raised by a poor and sick uncle, Louis Saura, age seventeen, hardly knows what his rights are; he often doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do and has no idea of the help available in the community. When his uncle dies, he becomes prey to drug dealer Camilo Estorbar who runs a successful prostitution ring—his sex workers being teenagers brought into the country illegally.
As Louis plays cat and mouse with Estorbar, he crosses path with Detective Gordon Stevenson of the London Police Service. Stevenson is investigating the case of a teenage girl brought to the hospital in the middle of the night by an unidentified person. The no-name, no-papers girl shows signs of malnutrition and sexual abuse. Stevenson, known for his keen perception and commitment to fight for justice, makes it his mission to find out who abused the girl. He feels that Louis could be of great help, but Louis avoids him, afraid of getting involved. Young Saura, now eighteen, dreams only of making enough money to pay for a trip to the far north, where, he hopes, he’d be left alone.
A tapestry of characters affects the lives of Estorbar, Stevenson, and Louis. Vicente Perdiz, the second in command in the Estorbar’s organization, has an agenda of his own, since he’s looking for his teenage sister, kidnapped two year before; Charles MacMillan, a successful Torontonian business man, approaches Estorbar since he’s searching for his missing daughter; Selina, one of the young prostitutes, stays in contact with Louis, thus endangering his life; Jocelyn Cardel, a pharmacist at the hospital, once a suspect in a drug exchange, gets involved in Stevenson’s work and life. Once Estorbar realizes that Louis represents a severe threat, he doesn’t spare money, means and tricks to get hold of him; Stevenson, on the other hand, is on Estorbar’s tracks, ready to confront him.

E-book available on Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HNG53LU


The Bricklayer

The Bricklayer What happens when there is more going on in the construction industry than its usual business of building houses, offices, roads or bridges to keep the economy rolling smoothly? Smooth is not the word to describe the shenanigans that go on inside The Werkstein Company. Underneath its daily activities lurk fraud, deception, and murder. This all starts when Frederick Dalton, the owner of The Werkstein hires Moira Johnson, a female engineer in his otherwise all-male company. Fred knows that her presence can create problems, but he never expects it to trigger a chain of seemingly accidental deaths. Slowly, Fred becomes a blip on the police’s radar as anonymous calls accuse him of having been involved in his wife’s death and befriending people of dubious repute. There is Nicholas Falcone, who accidentally steals from the mob; Theresa Wilson, who would lie and cheat to marry recently widowed Fred; Alain Alstein, a price estimator who rigs the bids; and Moira Johnson, who was once a suspect in a murder case. Fred takes veiled accusations and interviews in stride, practicing, in his free time, trap shooting. In the eyes of Detective Gordon Stevenson, however, Fred’s poised demeanor reinforces his suspicion instead of appeasing it. Stevenson can’t get concrete results, and his frustration reaches peaks when Fred takes lessons on trap shooting from Constable Peggy O’Brian of his own Investigative Unit. Fred doesn’t stop there; he openly romances Peggy, a fact that Stevenson interprets as a challenge. When another death occurs—this time clearly a homicide—Stevenson has to act quickly, no matter the consequences.

To see a video trailer click on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyI3-Yg9Td0
Hard copy available at: https://www.createspace.com/3699376

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The Blackpox Threat

The Blackpox Threat A deadly virus is on its way to Canada--from Ukraine via Italy. Can thirty-two-year-old Tamara Smith help in the covert operation that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has carefully orchestrated? Ship Me Safely, the European and Canadian-based company Tamara works for, is the suspected carrier of a newly engineered virus. The daughter of two political refugees, Tamara doesn’t know anything about viruses or spying as she is still mourning the loss of her parents, found dead with their throats slashed in the family house. But when the only friend she has on earth – a Ukrainian Embassy diplomat – is murdered, she hesitates no more. She confronts Nekton, the mysterious man in possession of a virus that combines the deadly properties of smallpox with those of Ebola. Betrayed by a fellow agent, she is kidnapped at gun point. Warned not to trust anybody, especially Justin Devry, the twenty-three-year-old son of a suspect who professes his love to her, Tamara risks her life for the cause and, against her beliefs, shoots to kill.

Hard copy available at: http://www.oldlinepublishing.com
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From Dad of Divas' Reviews http://www.dadofdivas-reviews.blogspot.com/2011/03/book-review-blackpox-threat.html
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Fire Underneath the Ice, a novella co-authored by Sharon Crawford

Fire Underneath the Ice In Fire Underneath the Ice (co-authored by Sharon Langevin Crawford under the pen name R. S. Natanevin) stockbroker Michael Hamming wants to revenge against the daughter of his nemesis, but ends up falling in love with her. Set during the financial crisis of 2008, Michael Hamming neglects to take care of his company in order to save his kidnapped love.
An Excerpt:
Light filtered through the porthole and shone onto Michael’s berth. He looked for Karyn. She wasn’t in bed. He called her name and then walked into the bathroom. No Karyn. He stepped up on deck. The yacht swayed left and right, hardly protected by the stony walls surrounding the marina. The skipper and the only sailor of the rented boat were busy gathering tables and chairs and stowing them away.
“The wind came up strong just half an hour ago,” said Vincent, the skipper. “This is a nice location, ideal for snorkeling, but not the best to shelter us from the wind. Look at the tension on the rope holding the anchor. It might break.” Vincent’s voice carried plenty of worry, as he owned the vessel.
“Did you see Ms. McDonnell?” Michael asked.
“No.” Vincent rushed to the prow and fastened the down riggings used for deep-sea fishing. Then he picked up the pillows and blankets that were sprawled on the floor and carried them down the stairs. Michael descended after him and searched the rooms and all the cabins, closets, and boat entrances he could spot. Karyn was missing.
“Vincent!” he called out.
“Yes, Mr. Hamming?”
“Stop working on the boat. Ms. McDonnell is missing.”
Vincent stood in front of him. “Not much I can do,” he said. “Let me call for help.”

Available at: http://shop.roguephoenixpress

The Red Manor

The Red Manor The Red Manor
Lucio Maria de’ Vigentini, Lord of the Red Manor, is loaded with years, money, memories and regrets—the ancient curse cast upon his family weighing heavily on his soul. He lost his son, Rick, at sea and his wife left him, taking Rick’s twin, Chris Sandcroft, to Canada. Lucio, lonely and ailing, is tortured by the prophesy predicting the extinction of the Red Manor and its occupants at the turn of the millennium. When Chris asks his father to live with him, he accepts, in the hope of escaping the curse. Despite Chris’ loving care, sudden immersion in a different culture and a modern household taxes Lucio’s spirit. The unearthing of two precious cups, once Red Manor possessions, brings much excitement to the blue-collar city of Harrisville, Ontario, and with it, crime. Then the malefic prophesy of the Red Manor seems to take its inexorable course, as shadows of the past occur with menacing consistency.

Hard copy available at: http://www.PublishAmerica.com/books
Ebook available at: http://www.amazon.com/Red-Manor-Rene-Natan-ebook/dp/B0051ULA8K
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The Jungfrau Watch

The Jungfrau Watch The Jungfrau Watch
The collapse of the Soviet Union leaves two prominent members of the Red Brigades without funds, without a job and without a cause. They both find asylum, under false identities, in Canada. One continues in his criminal activities, the other wants to make a clear break from his past. Fifteen years later, in 2003, their paths cross again. Meanwhile industrial espionage plagues several Ontarian companies, prompting the intervention of Invicta, a prestigious investigating agency. When the prototype of the Jungfrau Watch—a masterpiece of technology and art—is stolen, Alesh Stefanich is hired to establish a fake laboratory based on the production of highly efficient fuel cells. Soon after a project is stolen from the lab, providing Alesh Sinkovich and Invicta with the much wanted breakthrough. However, the Red Brigades aren’t dead. Their means of corrupting and luring, coupled with their expertise in kidnapping and killing, infiltrate the peaceful town of Vermeil. Alesh Stefanich will have no choice but adopting drastic measures to save what’s very dear to him.

Hard copy available at: http://www.PublishAmerica.com/books

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The Collage

The Collage The Collage
A cleverly masterminded plot entraps young heiress Allison Summer in a web of deceit and violence--slowly and without mercy. Although surrounded by a multitude of people, beautiful Allison is alone in her struggle, not knowing whom to trust: not her father, not her husband, not even the handsome man who pledges his love to her... A nosy reporter makes Allison’s life difficult, a mysterious fire destroys her home, a killer seemingly coming from nowhere knocks on her door, while an accusation of murder hangs over her head. Surmounted by guilt and disheartened by the loss of loved ones, Allison suffers in solitude, hoping for better times. But when the life of the man she loves becomes at stake, Allison musters her strength and takes control of her destiny. And she will not stop until the innocent is free and the guilty secured behind bars.

Prologue    Chapter 1    Reviews

The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton

The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton

Chief Steve Carlton seems to have successfully carried out his mission--he has finally managed to take fugitive Livia White aboard his aircraft. Shortly after take off, however, Steve’s plane crashes in the wildest region of Venezuela. Severely injured, he is nursed back to health by an attentive and caring Livia. For five long weeks Steve tries to picture her as a killer. To no avail. Her limpid blue eyes, her rare but genuine smile, and her kindness capture his heart. But when Steve returns to New Brunswick he discovers that the evidence accumulated against Livia is staggering. The law being his one and only creed, Steve battles his feelings as the life of accused Livia White unfolds before his eyes. Follow Steve in his struggle and his adventures, where the stakes are high and the rewards none too sure.

Chapter 40   Reviews

E-book available on Kindle: https://smashwords.com/books/view/471255

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Mountains of Dawn

Mountains of Dawn

Mountains of Dawn
“Pack and leave” are the words that Tanya Caldwell, orphaned at the age of six, heard many times as she wandered from foster home to foster home. After she narrowly escapes two murder attempts, she hears them again from Malcolm Clark, the head of Invicta--the prestigious agency in charge of providing personal protection, including security systems and bodyguards. On Malcolm’s advice, she retires to the hills of the Italian Riviera. The Mediterranean shores offer endless inspiration to Tanya the artist. Here she meets Kevin Matwin, a publisher of arts books, and a friend of his, Luigi Amedeo, Count of Monteturro. The count’s dignified manners and daredevil enterprises hide more than one secret. Accidents similar to Tanya’s also occur to Brian Miller, Malcolm’s step-brother. As Malcolm starts an investigation of his own, he finds that Tanya’s and Brian’s misfortunes have a common denominator in a well-known association thought by everybody to be above suspicion.

Chapter 1    Reviews

Mountains of Dawn is available on Smashwords.com for free. https://smashwords.com/books/view/205088

 Short stories: free download!

Killing on Mount Yula, A Pair of Wings for Christmas and He Was One of Eight

Killing on Mount Yula

Hearing impaired Chris Valoir has a clever plan to escape his pursuers: crossing the Alps on skis. But midway through his journey a blizzard forces him to stop at Yula Station, full of stranded people. Frightened and alone, 15-year old Chris hopes for the storm to end, and daylight to come. But when they do, his pursuers close in.

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A pair of Wings for Christmas

A Pair of Wings for Christmas is a small tribute to the celebration of the first powered flight. It blends fantasy and science, as one angel explains to a would-be angel what he has to do to gain a pair of wings before Christmas.

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He Was One of Eight is a story about immigrants. They were eight, they were orphan, they were four boys and four girls...and together they left Holland to reach that immense land called Canada. Published by Guernica Editions (2016) in "A Canadian Migration Anthology: Coming Here, Being Here."

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